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Can I immediately shop with the credit card upon receiving it?

Firstly, you shall sign your name on the rear side of the credit card and activate your credit card via the 24-hour service hotline, and then you can shop with your credit card. If you choose to shop with transaction service password when applying for the credit card, please enter the transaction service password when shopping for confirmation.


If I fail to receive the statement of current month, how can I know my accounting information?

You don’t need to worry. In addition to the regular statements, you may know your accounting information at any time via the 24-hour service hotline or via the online account service.


What can I do if I lose my credit card?

You shall dial the 24-hour service hotline immediately to report the loss. We will report the loss of your credit for you and replace the new card as soon as possible. After the entry into force of the report for loss, all risks relating to the credit card for the transactions not conducted by the owner of the card will be borne by our center.

Can I deposit money in the credit card? How will the interest be calculated?

A credit card is characterized as “buy now, pay later”; therefore, different with the debit card and deposit book, no deposit interest will accrue on the funds deposited in your credit card. If you withdraw cash from the credit card, then handling fees for withdrawal of cash shall be paid.


What shall I pay attention to when using the credit card offshore?

1.Check the maturity of your credit card before leaving the territory;

2.Check the available line of credit of your credit card before leaving the territory;

3.For the reason of high risks for offshore transactions, we suggest you dial the credit card service hotline of our bank and inform us of your travel schedule before departure and keep your cellphone contactable so as to receive the reminding instant message for credit card consumption or other transaction confirmation information;

4.In the event of any suspectable transaction, please contact the hotline of SPDB credit card center (86-21-38784988);

5.For any refunding on the same day of transaction conducted in the non-USD area, and if such refunding is caused for the reason of the client, you shall remind the merchant of the operation by means of reversal of transaction. If the merchant operates by means of Credit, handling fees may be caused on your credit card.


What should I pay attention to for booking hotels via offshore website?

1.The transactions of hotel booking are different with the common transactions by swiping card. If you want to book hotels, generally you are requested to provide the account number of your credit card and other information as the basis of room booking and give you the room reservation number to be confirmed when you check in. we suggest that you read carefully the rules for hotel booking and cancellation stated on the website and keep the reservation number and relevant confirmation email. 

2.If you need to cancel the booking, you shall operate as per the cancellation rules of the hotel and must obtain the cancellation number for check-out and keep the relevant cancellation documents. What you shall pay attention to is that even if you cancel the booking successfully, the hotel may charge relevant fees as agreed with you.