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Basic functions

Global consumption and repayment by RMB

Holder of SPDB dual-currency credit card will be able to experience the globally advanced consumption concepts and fashion styles. The utilization of such card in the territory of China will be accounted in RMB concerning amount of consumption and bookkeeping and the utilization outside the territory of China will be settled by local currency for consumption and bookkept in RMB. When you come back home, all amount due for the domestic and foreign transactions will be repaid by RMB.


Global availability

This card is not only generally accepted by more than 20 million merchants globally but also may be used to withdraw cash in more than 840,000 ATMs worldwide. A SPDB credit card will enable you to have a nice trip around the world.


Buy first, pay later 

You can swipe your card for consumption and withdrawal of cash within the line of credit to experience the easy and advancing consumption style without the need to deposit any cash in advance.


Line of credit

The highest line of credit for consumption and cash withdrawal has been granted to you based upon the materials submitted by you upon application for the credit card. You can check the original line of credit in the letter of delivery of this card and the statement of first month. Within the line of credit, you can freely use such card to shop or withdraw cash. Such line of credit is available both for RMB and USD, the master card and supplement card.


Interest-free repayment period

This card also grants you an interest-free period of repayment while enabling you to experience the new style of living. When you consume with this card (excluding withdrawal of cash), you will enjoy an interest-free repayment period up to 50 days to the largest extend from the date of transaction to the date of repayment. If you repay the due amount as said the statement of the current period before the date of repayment, no interest will be charged on the consumptions. Consumption without interest will give you a better life.


Minimum repayment

This card also affords the benefit of minimum repayment. The amount of the minimum repayment is the minimum amount to be repaid monthly. You can choose such means of repayment at our discretion to reduce the pressure of repayment while flexibly handling your funds.

(The minimum repayment benefit can’t be enjoyed together with the benefit of interest-free repayment period).


Revolving credit

The line of credit granted to you will decrease accordingly after shopping or withdrawal of cash by the card but will be renewed after repayment- this is the function of revolving credit. You card decide the amount of consumption and repayment at your sole discretion subject to your own demands and financial conditions, which will release you from the complex and repeated formalities for application for small-amount loans.


Cash withdrawal

You can withdraw cash not exceeding the line of credit granted to you on the domestic and foreign ATMs with the relevant mark of international credit card organizations to satisfy the needs arising in the future.

(The benefit of cash withdrawal may not be enjoyed together with the benefit of interest-free repayment period)


Supplement card

Supplement cards will enable your family members to enjoy your credit. The supplement cards will share the same line of credit of the master card and the details of all transactions with the supplement cards will be listed in the statement of the master card to enable you to master the utilization of the supplement cards timely.