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Word and expressions

Line of credit

The line of credit is a line granted by our center after verification, within which you can shop and withdraw cash. Such line of credit is available in RMB and USD and the master card and supplement card.

Cash withdrawal limit

The cash withdrawal limit is the maximum limit for withdrawal of cash via this card granted by our center after verification. The cash withdrawal limit is included in the line of credit.


Available line

The available line is the line of credit not used. After consumption or withdrawal of cash, the line of credit of your card will be decreased accordingly. But, after repayment, the available line will be renewed. You can check your exact available line via the 24-hour hotline, or you may calculate the available line by following formula just for your reference.

Available line = the line of credit verified by our center the amount due on the statement not repaid the amount of transactions not accounted but occurred other relevant interests and fees.


Interest-free period

The time from the date of transaction with this card (excluding withdrawal of cash) to the due repayment date. You may enjoy a 50-day interest-free period to the largest extend. Before the due repayment date, if you repay the Due Amount in Current Period on the statement monthly, no interest will be accrued on the consumption.

(For example: the date of statement of your credit card is the first day of each month and the designated due repayment date is the 21stday of each month. If you consume 5000Yuan with this card on June 2, then the designated due repayment date on the statement of July 1 is July 21. If you repay the due amount fully before July 21, then such consumption of 5000Yuan has been granted the interest-free period from June 2 to July 21, which is 50 days).

Minimum repayment

The minimum repayment is the minimum amount that must be repaid by you monthly and the basic repayment requirement to maintain the good credit records.

Minimum repayment =

the portion of the minimum repayment of last period not repaid



+ the amount exceeding the line of credit of current period


+5% (10% for the first statement period) x the principal of the cumulated transactions of current period not repaid



+ the repayment amount that shall be apportioned in the current period for the installments and telephone installments


+ the interests and fees accrued newly in current period

If you choose the repayment by means of minimum repayment, the benefit of interest-free repayment is unavailable.


Revolving credit

After submitting the application, you may receive the call for verification from 021-51959995021-51959999or 0512-81868339. If you get such calls, please answer the calls. The calls may request to verify information with you, but will not enquire any password. Thank you for your cooperation!