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Security assurance

Security assurance

The SPDB credit card will enable you not only to own an advanced consumption style, but also to experience a one-off additional safeguarding for carefree utilization of your card.


Preference to dispute resolution

You may file an application for dispute immediately with our center at any time when you discover any question to the amount of consumption. With the full trust on you, you may refuse to pay the amount of transaction at issue temporarily. Only after such transaction is confirmed without mistake after investigation, we will re-credit such transaction.


Double-safeguarding photo card

We provide free-of-charge photo card service. The new photo card can not only be easily distinguished, but also safeguard the consumption better by the integration of the photo and your signature.


Protection of temporarily lost card

Once your card is lost or stolen, please dial the 24-hour hot line to report the loss. Such report will take effect instantly and after the entry into force of such report, the risks of the credit card caused by transaction not made be you will be borne by our center. We also will give the new card as soon as possible as required by you and mail the new card and password to reduce the inconvenience to the largest extent.


24-hour emergency replacement of card

When the SPDB credit card has become an integral part of your life, the loss of it will surely bother you. If you need to replace your card under special circumstance, you can dial the 24-hour hot line: 800-820-8788. We will complete the emergency card replacement within 24 hours and will give you the new card at first time.


Anti-fraud system

Our center applies an advanced anti-fraud system supported by strong technology to give you the most secure and reliable safeguarding. For some suspectable transactions, the system responds accordingly to enable you to use the card at ease.


Instant message service

When you receive the SPDB credit card, you also have access to the “Instant Message” service function which will give various message alarm to you subject to the information of your account, including tips on consumption, withdrawal of cash, repayment of statement, reminder of late payment, and safeguard your account better.


The initial reminding amount of the Instant Message service of SPDB card is RMB 500Yuan (or foreign currency transaction equivalent to RMB500Yuan).

Follow the Wechat account SPDB Credit Card Center and link your SPDB credit card, you can enjoy the new Wechat and Instant Message reminding function. All transactions will be reminded at first time free of charge by the Wechat and Instant Message. The instant message service will enable you to know the change of your account instantly and to control your account freely.


* The delivery of instant message service and charges are subject to the service provided by the local telecommunication network service provider.